Use of innovative joining technologies

The range of uses of bonding technology has strongly grown over the last 20 years. Based on innovative and the latest technologies, we develop needs-based special systems for our customers.

The use of lightweight construction materials and the frequently practised composite construction, e.g. in process technology, often cannot be realised without the use of innovative joining technologies such as bonding. Compared to laser welding and soldering, bonding as a joining technology can be used at temperatures below 200 °C. Negative effects on the metal structure or other materials can be avoided as a result.

Based on innovative and modern technologies, we develop needs-based special systems for our customers, which bond different materials energy-efficiently and environmentally friendly.

Our solutions cover the areas of

  • Bonding duroplasts
  • Bonding thermoplasts
  • Bonding steel and plastic
  • Bonding steel and steel

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